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Energie 1300W 45 Amp Power Supply EPS90

MSRP: $349.98


Energie 1300W 45 Amp Power Supply

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Input Voltage: 105-130 VAC
Output Amps: 45 Amps
Output Wattage: 1300 Watts
Output Voltage: 13.2-14.8 VDC
2 x 30A Fuses

Microprocessor controlled to continuously monitor battery state of charge and load demands.
Specifically designed for maximum performance of Reikken power cells.
For powering demo cars, 12V displays and charging and maintaining batteries of all sizes and types.
For best results, leave this supply connected to batteries continuously.
Standard 3 prong plug.

Dimensions: 7″W x 10″D x 3-1/2″H



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